Oconee State Park, SC-Day 4

Oconee State Park, SC-Day 4

It’s always sad for us leaving a place that we enjoy. Some places you just get attached to, they become a part of you and Oconee proved to be one of those places. We were in no hurry to leave whatsoever. Again we made coffee, cooked sausage and eggs for breakfast, and ate out on the porch. Packing and cleaning the cabin went very quickly as we’ve become particularly adept to working together. I can’t even begin to count how many times we’ve accomplished these tasks together.

Once on the road, we headed southeast towards Anderson, South Carolina. Again, I decided to take a different route home than the one we had taken to get there. In Anderson we found a wonderful small distillery and decided to take the free tour. Palmetto Distillery produces small batch whiskey, straight moonshine, and some flavored moonshine varieties. The tour was awesome and very personal as we were the only tourists in the distillery at the time. Our tour guide explained the history of the distillery, and showed us how the moonshine and whiskey are made. At the end of the tour we sampled all of their products. I liked the straight moonshine which has a sweet corn flavor. Ashley preferred the whiskey and liked the strawberry moonshine. We both agreed that the whiskey was worth taking home, so we purchased a bottle.


The rest of our trip took us through rural South Carolina. We mostly avoided any interstates and stuck to smaller two lane roads. I found it very surprising how rural this part of SC is. We went for hours without travelling through a large town. Dinner at a Mexican restaurant near our house concluded our trip. Overall. this was one of our favorite locations that we’ve been. We definitely will be back to further explore this area as there is lots more to see and do.



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