Our first blog

Our first blog

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I thought we should start off discussing why we wanted to create our own website.  I have been working in the IT field for about six years now.  Lately I’ve been doing some work with my organizations public and private websites.  In addition, Ashley is pursuing a degree in Graphic Design.  It made perfect sense for us to start our own website as it would allow me to become more knowledgeable in my field and Ashley could begin to utilize the skills that she is acquiring in school.  So the only question left was what should our website be about?  For this answer we looked at passions that we both shared.  This turned out to be a short search as we both have always enjoyed traveling together.  We have travelled fairly extensively and now through our website we will share these adventures and all of the new ones we have planned.

Looking to the future we both are looking to get away from a traditional Monday through Friday nine to five lifestyle.  This lifestyle has proven to be a huge barrier to our happiness.  We have both always dreamed about traveling full time.  Who doesn’t?  Our happiest moments have been seeing new places together.  In order to fulfill our desire to travel full time we have looked at a number of options.  The option that is most appealing to us is living full time in a recreational vehicle (RV).  The biggest obstacle on the road to achieving our desired lifestyle will be to find a sustainable mobile income.  We are considering a multitude of options in this regard. Neither of us know if or when we will reach this goal.  In the meantime we will continue to explore and share our adventures here.

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